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A fun, engaging and helpful book for 5-8 years old will appeal even to those who don't usually enjoy reading.
A Russian bestseller, already in English, Spanish and Catalan! Pick your language!
Little Monstrie is shy and timid – yet he sets out to save his mum from gangsters, starts a growl band, finds a magical firebird that becomes his pet, and even solves the great Monster School mystery!
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Why do you need to listen to Mum? What if your pet can do magic? How do you deal with bullies? Most importantly: what if you are different to everyone else?! Little Monstrie's Big Adventures by screenwriter Maria Kabanova will answer these important questions!
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The tales are now available in electorinic format!
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Maria Kabanova is a bilingual poet and screenwriter and enjoys writing in both Russian and English. Maria has written a blockbuster featuring Russian comedy star Dmitry Nagiyev, as well as many successful TV shows, books of poetry and short stories. Her fun tales about Monstrie will appeal to children aged 5 to 105!
Margarita Grezina is a young artist and Little Monstrie's Big Adventures is her first book. "I think that no matter what style you prefer to work with, what matters are the ideas you put into it," Margarita believes. Margarita's favorite character is Monstrie's dad: big, caring, but at the same time as childish as Monstrie himself!
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